Friday, 28 November 2008

Year 11 Mock Exam - Quiz Show Set Design (2)

The final task of the mock exam is to design a 'set' for your Quiz Show concept. Here are some conceptual design ideas to support you with the development of your Quiz Show set. It will be important for you to consider the connotations of your design and how the different elements (lighting, colour, props, podiums, screens, furniture, entrances and exits etc.) combine to create meaning, mood, tone and a mode of address for viewers at home. Your designs will need to consider:

1. Placement of studio cameras (usually 3 + a crane)
2. Placement of the internal audience
3. Where the contestants will stand/sit
4. Where the host/hosts will stand/sit

Here are some images to help you and some links to a professional 'set design' company.

Thursday, 27 November 2008

Year 11 Mock Exam Preparation - Quiz Shows (1)

Hello Year 11 'Doodlers'. As we move towards the Media mock exam in two weeks time, we wanted to share some resources with you to help you achieve your TMG's. This examination is easy if you prepare in advance and use the resources posted here to support you with the written assignments and creative tasks. Keep checking the 'Doodle' because we will be posting links, videos and examples to keep Quiz Shows alive and kicking throughout the year. Here is your mock exam paper:

Year 11 Media Studies Mock Exam (Quiz Shows)
December 2008

You are expected to prepare your answers in advance of the exam but are not allowed to take any notes into the exam. You will have 1 ½ hours to complete the three tasks below.
  • At Unit G, we are launching a new TV channel based on our wealth of past programming. We have realised that one element missing is a quiz show, so we hope you can help! We are keen to develop a new quiz show which targets young people between 14 and 20. The new quiz show should reflect our core values of respecting all members of society and providing good quality programming. To help us in our development of this new quiz show, please complete the tasks below. This is your chance to develop the central programme in our new channel’s line up!

    Task 1 (40 Mark)
    Choose an existing quiz show and outline:

    How it uses the codes and conventions of the quiz show genre.
    The rules / structure of the quiz;
    What is effective about the audio/visual presentation including camera, sound and mise-en-scene
    The appeal to the audience.

    Task 2 (50 Marks)
    Prepare a proposal for a new quiz show, remembering that any new programme must conform to G Unit core values. You must include:

    The rules /structure of the quiz;
    Details of prizes;
    Your inspiration - which other media texts have offered you ideas (this doesn’t have to be only quiz shows);
    The audio/visual presentation including camera, sound and mise-en-scene.
    An audience profile

    Task 3 (10 Marks)
    Please produce a set design for the new show in full colour and label the key features

    Here are some useful links to help you with Quiz Show Development:

    Useful for seeing how a programme 'synopsis' is written.

    A BBC micro-site dedicated to children and 'tweenager' quiz and game shows. Good for exploring new ideas when developing your own quiz shows.

    This is a little gem of a site designed for GCSE Media students preparing for the Controlled Test in 2009.

The Weakest Link

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