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Year 11 Media Studies - Assignment 3

I hope you have all had a wonderful half-term break. When you return on Monday, we will commence with your FINAL coursework project: Assignment 3 - Advertising and Marketing. I will be posting lots of examples and useful resources here to support you with the project. I wish you lots of luck with the project and very much hope that you will seize the opportunity to make a fantastic cross-media advertising campaign for an issue that you are passionate about.

Here is a brilliant 'Industry' website link for 'Campaign', one of the industry magazines:

This is an interesting social issue advert for a French charity LICRA which works to fight against racism:

LICRA "NEW WEAPON" VA 60" from Lauren Weber on Vimeo< /a>.

Barnardos TV Adverts:

Break the cycle from Barnardo's on Vimeo.

Barnardo's Turn Around TV advert - July 2010 (60 seconds) from Barnardo's on Vimeo.

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Year 10 Creative Media BTEC

I am going to be a little bit late to your lesson today and Ms Whittaker has very kindly agreed top start you off! You are making a 'Mini-Me' poster today which is an assessment and will assess your skills in :

1. setting up a page in Photoshop
2. importing an image from the Internet
3. cutting out (using lasso tools)
4. transforming and re-sizing images to scale
5. using layers

You should have the following with you on a memory stick:

a. A Background image
b. A photo/photos of yourself that you will miniaturise

Activity: Celebrity Head Swap

 As a warm-up activity, find two celebrity photographs in Google; paste them into a new page in Photoshop (19cm X 29cm: 300 pixels/inch) and using the lasso tools, cut out and swap their heads. Now cut out their bodies to remove any background. They are now ready to put onto a background which you can import. You have 20 Minutes to create a celebrity masterpiece!