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Year 10 Media - Designing a CD Cover (Music Promotion Project 2)

You are close to completing your PINK CD Cover analysis essays and the next stage in this project is to begin the process of constructing a new band or artist to launch into the current music market. Your task once you have created this hypothetical band/artist is to create an CD album cover to promote their first album release. This blog posting should help you with this process:

A CD cover needs to:

Attract a buyer - the primary target audience
Convey something about the genre of music inside
Give some information about the artist
Be an original design
Stand out from all the other CD covers in the rack
Or be outstandingly original and memorable – (difficult)

If a CD cover has one main function it is to stand out and sell the music by the startling design of the cover.

For some interesting design ideas see:


Art Work

The art work for the design MUST be documented in your sketch book as a series of thumbnail sketches, collage designs and mock-ups in Photoshop. There is no set number but the examiner will expect to see the development of your ideas. A final version should be inserted into a jewel case to show that your design works in its proper setting and at its correct size at the end of your production process.

Some general principles apply:

Work with colour as a design tool
Relate the cover design to the music; the artist/band and their attitude/image; type of record label and the target audience
Choose the font, size and style of lettering very carefully
Images need to be bold and not too busy, as reducing the size will make busy designs look claustrophobic
Look to create instant impact
Select very carefully the amount of information you put on the front cover – can some of it go elsewhere or should you create a gatefold cover design, or use the back cover.
Examiners will look for technical quality as well as originality. If you use a photo make sure it is a high quality image.
Print on high quality photo paper
Remember all work must be original with no found images or copyright material

One way to build a cover design is to work in layers in Photoshop. First build up each layer of the design from a base background.

There is a free Photoshop tutorial on CD Cover design :


TIP: As you go through the design process for this project, pack your book full of CD covers, found images and stuff that inspires your designs.

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