Sunday, 22 February 2009

Quiz Show Controlled Test 2009 - Word Bank

These are some KEY WORDS that you should know and be able to use in your responses to questions in the exam. They will get you points and what do points mean? YES. PRIZES! I will add more to this list as we move through the topic. Put them on cards; make posters and paste them around your bedroom; mind-map them. Most importantly, start to use them in your responses in lessons and your practice essays. 
  • Aerial Shot: shot filmed from aircraft or helicopter, extreme high angle.
  • Ambient Sound: natural background noise on television or film such as the sound of birds in a wood.
  • Ambient Light: natural, available light that is not enhanced in any way.
  • Audience: All those who receive or consume any media product.
  • Camera Angle: the position of the camera in relation to the main subject. High, low, canted, etc.
  • Cinematography: Camera Shots, Angles, Lighting
  • Connotation: Suggestive meaning of something, such as red connotates danger, blood.
  • Crane Shot: High angle shot filmed with a crane
  • Continuity editing: Referred to as invisible editing, so that the whole sequence looks natural.
  • Demographics: refers to social characteristics of and audience, described according to groupings such as social class, regional location, gender and age.
  • Denotation: literal meaning/ simple description of what an be seen or heard.
  • Diagetic sound: sound which the characters can hear.
  • Non-Diagetic sound: sound the actors cant hear, e.g.: music played other the scene.
  • Enigma: a question or puzzle being raised from a text.
More to come! 

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