Saturday, 7 February 2009

TV Social Issue Advertising- Action for Children

In the summer term you will be working on a Social Issue TV advertising project for your final Section A coursework assignment. I saw the first advert here on TV tonight and felt compelled to share it with you. The animation is lovely and the message in each powerful and provoking. Enjoy!


j9 said...

Both of these adverts have caused outrage in the disability and autism communities.

Barbara Jacobs, author of Loving Mr Spock has said that in her next book she will use the Dan advertisement all my public and academic presentations as an example of bad practice.

Many comments on the campaign can be seen here in a facebook group cam[aigning against the ad. Over 2000 people joined the group in less than two weeks.

The ad can also be seen on YouTube. Type "action for children" +dan in the search window.

Many autism specialists have spoken out against the campaign, includig Simon Baron-Cohen, Dr Tony Attwood and Mike Stanton.

This is the result of not consulting with specialist user and support groups for expert opinion before releasing the advert.

I was told, two weeks ago, that the ad was going to run until the 15th February, but now, Action For Children are making the 8th Feb the last day.

Socrates said...

This ad is a good example of how not to do charity advertising and deserves to be studied closely.

Some background on its creation is here.