Monday, 16 February 2009

Year 11 Media - Half Term Intervention Day

Thank you to all of you who came into school today to the Media Intervention Day. It was, in the main very successful and I thought I'd showcase a couple of examples of lovely work achieved. Above this messsage is Kelsey Ferguson's charity advertising campaign on 'Neglect' for the NSPCC. She completed the entire project - photos, posters in Photoshop and 1,000 word evaluation in four hours. Brilliant work Kelsey. Well Done! 

Grant Tugwell also completed his Section B project - a film promotion Press Pack for a new film entitled Black October to be released by Warner Bros. This is his poster campaign and still photos that will feature in his press pack. 

I would also like to congratulate Dan Cotter and Charlie Mogridge who came close to completing a Section A essay this morning; Georgia Covill and Stacey Craig who worked hard at refining their Section A and B projects, and Aaron Starn who worked well throughout the morning. 

There is still work outstanding and we would strongly urge you to attend our Media clinics on a Tuesday between 3-4pm after half-term in order to finish off any work. It is in your interests to secure a high grade for the coursework worth 50% of the overall grade and we are here to help you realise your potential. Well Done to everyone who turned-up and worked today. Have a good half term and we look forward to seeing you next week when we return. 

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