Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Year 11 GCSE Media Studies Exam Dates and Revision

Good evening everyone. I thought you might like to know that the GCSE Media Studies exam has now been set. You will receive your exam paper on Monday 27th April 2009 and have four school weeks to study the form and prepare your responses. Your exam will take place on Friday 22nd May 2009 in two sittings - morning and afternoon

The clock is starting to tick and it is imperative that you begin to undertake wider reading about 'Quiz Shows' to help you develop your knowledge and understanding of the genre. To maximise your chances of success Team Media suggest YOU:

1. Look at the 'Doodle' regularly to keep up-to date with the revision resources that will be posted here.

2. Spend at least one hour each week working on preparing for the exam by working through the exam board AQA worksheet pack. Create a 'REVISION TIMETABLE' and dedicate time each week to building and cementing your knowledge and understanding of Quiz shows. Success lies in your preparation!

3. Revise the 'KEY CONCEPTS' of Media Studies and learn the language of quiz shows - I will post key words and their meanings on here. You need to practice using them so write them out, write their definitions; quiz each other; try to use the language in lessons when speaking about quiz shows and apply it when completing written tasks or worksheets. 


4. Practice drafting storyboards - get used to experimenting with drawing shots types; framing and using the 'CODES AND CONVENTIONS' of quiz shows. 

5. Refine your media skills - practice writing essays; read; storyboard; design; watch quiz shows; analyse quiz shows and use media language. 

6. Check out the BBC Blast website for some excellent ideas to support you in bringing your creative ideas to life. This page on 'pitching' is excellent given that you are going to be pitching a creative idea in the exam. Why wait till then? Start now by pitching your ideas to family, friends, your teacher using the tips here to help you:

You have 5 school weeks before the paper is released and four preparation weeks after its release - a total of 27 lessons left in total! Make the most of this time and all the support we are offering to enable you to realise your potential. Don't be the 'Weakest Link'.

Good Luck x

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