Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Some IMPORTANT Information

Good evening Year 10. I have been looking at a very fine selection of TV Drama blogs and would like to congratulate everyone who has emailed their links and done their homework. You guys go high-up on my 'Love-O-Meter'. I just wanted to let my class know that I won't be around during P5 tomorrow or Period 3 on Friday as I will be interviewing for the new Head of Media and Film. Also, one of the candidates will be teaching you during Period 4 on Thursday and Mr Fairnie will be observing, so I would be grateful if those of you that read this, could pass the message onto everyone in our class that they need to be on time! Thank you. 

In period 5 with Mr Abiona, time will be given over to the personalising of blogs and creating those banners! You also need to finish your research into a TV drama which should provide information on the following:

* What time(s) and channel(s) it is broadcast on
* When it started (and finished, if appropriate)
* Who makes it (its Production Company)
* What its highest ratings have been
* What its Target Audience is (demographics and psychographics)
* What the critics have said about it
Also, give a brief synopsis of the show including details of Setting(s), Characters and Narrative.

If you finish this, I would like you to create your own personal 'Glogster' poster based on your favourite TV Drama.

 Here's two tutorials to show you how:

If you complete this, please work on your TV Drama mindmaps and these can be photographed to go on your blogs! I look forward to receiving everyone's blog addresses. Please e-mail these to me at: 

See you all soon. 
Mrs Moore (mummy Media) x

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