Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Welcome Year 10 Media - Action Adventure Exam Goodies for you!

Welcome to the 'Media Doodle' Year 10.  I will post lots of goodies here to support you with your preparation for your Action Adventure exam. Please use the resources here that have been posted to help you achieve the best possible result. Bring on those A*-C's!

Independent Study Tasks:

Click on the link below for a worksheet to help you analyse Action Adventure Films at home!

Week 1: Research the key features/codes and conventions of Action/Adventure films.

Week 2: Complete a textual analysis of a film poster of your choice using the prompt sheet issued.

Week 3: How do film posters help create a film’s narrative image? Present a worked example.

Week 4 and 5: Produce an Action/adventure poster for a film project of your own creation.

Week 6: Carry out a textual analysis of a trailer for an Action/Adventure film (Use the IMDB site on the internet).

Week 7: Carry out a textual analysis of another trailer for an Action/Adventure film (Use the IMDB site on the internet).

Week 8 and 9: View an Action/Adventure film of your choice. Detail the development of the narrative structure using a narrative flow chart. Present to the rest of the group.

Week 10: View a film from the ‘Bond’ franchise. How does the film follow the conventions of the franchise? What new elements have been added to hold audience attention?

Week 11 and 12: Log in to the web site of a new Action/Adventure film. Analyse the home page and linked pages. Summarise the information about the film that is given.

Week 13: Design the web-site homepage for a new Action/Adventure film of your own creation

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