Sunday, 5 June 2011

GCSE Media - Action/Adventure Exam Preparation Goodies to Help YOU!

Codes and conventions of action adventure movies

For the Controlled Test you will need to be very familiar with codes and conventions of Action Adventure films. As you watch ‘Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl” try to think about what those codes and conventions are.

 you think appear in the film. Choose a minimum of THREE points, and in your exercise book, make a note of any examples/evidence from the film which proves that the convention is in evidence.

e.g. 4 – sword fight between Jack and Will

1 Strong male hero (with the occasional female hero)
2 Bombshell love interest
3 Guns, explosions
4 Fights: punch ups, martial arts, shoot outs
5 Heroic acts, stunts
6 Chases: car chases, helicopter chases, plane chases, foot chases, boat chases, etc.
7 Evil character (the antagonist) determined to destroy the world/kill the hero/steal massive amounts of money
8 Comedy moments
9 Hero = an ordinary guy
10 Hero = larger than life
11 Hero = an anti hero
12 The film is plot driven
13 The plot has a good vs evil theme
14 The hero reflects and upholds the current morals of society.
15 A vibrant title that evokes the action, adventure, and premise of the story is a key component to the genre.
16 The villain has a masterful Plan: the villain’s plan provides the catalyst for the hero’s adventure. The villain’s plan sets up the hero’s goal (which is to stop the villain’s plan.)
17 The villain is more powerful than the hero
18 Big set piece(s) A set piece is a memorable scene that stands alone.
19 Snappy dialogue: especially in stories where the hero has a buddy or ally or mentor to spar with.
20 A ticking clock scenario: creates urgency, heightens tension and increases suspense.

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